Capitalizing on the Predictive Power of Demographics

Using demographic trends, you can accurately predict the direction of the markets and the economy, months and decades in advance. Harry S. Dent Jr. knows this because he has been doing just that since 1989. And he is now a master of what is being called “the new science of finance.” Back in 1989, he warned of Japan’s inevitable collapse. A decade later he warned of the boom and the bust that followed.Read More

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The Income Secret That Would Make a Hall of Famer Jealous

I’m not a particularly big risk-taker. In fact, I’m known around the office as “the income guy” for my work in Peak Income. It’s baseball season, so I’ll use some baseball analogies here. I don’t often swing for the fences looking for a homerun because I know I’m more likely to strike out. Sure, hitting...

Sports Betting for Profit? The Odds Are Long

The Supreme Court recently ruled that states have the right to regulate sports betting, opening the door for such activity in every state. Chances are, your state officials are burning the midnight oil developing regulations for sports betting because they want the tax revenue. After all, Pew Trusts estimates the industry could become a $41...

The Makings of a Debt Crisis: Corporate Debt Soars While Credit Ratings Fall

Two big news items in the last 24 hours have grabbed my attention. The first is Congress’s approving a bill to roll back the Dodd-Frank Act. If this passes, smaller financial institutions will find relief from the strict rules that have applied to Wall Street banks since after the 2008 crisis. This is sheer idiocy!...

Just When Everything Seemed To Be Going So Well…

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Using his industry-beating algorithm, Adam O'Dell tracks the movements of nine key economic sectors as they rotate in and out of favor. He then leverages that information to predict short-term stock movements with a startling degree of accuracy.

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