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Capitalizing on the Predictive Power of Demographics

Using demographic trends, you can accurately predict the direction of the markets and the economy, months and decades in advance. Harry S. Dent Jr. knows this because he has been doing just that since 1989. And he is now a master of what is being called “the new science of finance.” Back in 1989, he warned of Japan’s inevitable collapse. A decade later he warned of the dot.com boom and the bust that followed.Read More

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Eyes on the Fed

This week, I want to keep talking about the most important thing that’s been happening since mid-September of 2019: the way the Fed has had to step and combat the repo crisis, which came in directly from the Fed selling their own bonds in 2018, which drained reserves and caused banks to stop lending to...

One Way to Shore Up Retiree Benefits

As the impeachment of President Trump continues and we gear up for the primary season to select a Democratic challenger, it’s worth remembering one of the biggest issues facing America that no one talks about: healthcare costs for state and local government retirees. You might be getting such a benefit as a retiree, or paying...

Dark Window Update: Nasdaq 11,000 by Late May or 13,500 by Late September

I almost always have two shorter-term scenarios, as there are more cycles and politics matters much, much more in the short-term. My megaphone vs. continued blow-off scenarios kept staying in play, back-and-forth, until the Fed repo crisis injections forced the blow-off scenario to win. The final confirmation came last Friday with the end-of-day rally to...

Strong Seasonality in the Three Months Ahead After a Potential Two-Week Lull

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Using his industry-beating algorithm, Adam O'Dell tracks the movements of nine key economic sectors as they rotate in and out of favor. He then leverages that information to predict short-term stock movements with a startling degree of accuracy.

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