Capitalizing on the Predictive Power of Demographics

Using demographic trends, you can accurately predict the direction of the markets and the economy, months and decades in advance. Harry S. Dent Jr. knows this because he has been doing just that since 1989. And he is now a master of what is being called “the new science of finance.” Back in 1989, he warned of Japan’s inevitable collapse. A decade later he warned of the boom and the bust that followed.Read More

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What I Told the Germans (Part 2)

Earlier in the month I shared with you the first part of an interview I recently had with a publisher in Germany who’s considering bringing our newsletter to the German people. Here’s the rest of that interview… Mr. German Publisher: Where do you think that the final reckoning will start? In the stock market? With...

This Indicator is Flashing Red. Pay Attention!

Millennials get a bad rap. Sure, they’re the generation that grew up with participation trophies, winning prizes for completing the arduous task of showing up. And with help from their Boomer professors, they have successfully shamed institutions of higher learning, where for centuries debate was considered a search for the truth, into echo chambers of...

Could This Be More Exciting Than Bitcoin?

Last month at Hidden Profits, we delved into the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology. I uncovered a stock selection that operates a real business in the blockchain world and is poised for major returns going forward. Whatever bitcoin does, this stock could do much better. And, if bitcoin falters, this stock has true underlying...

Stocks Could Break Up One More Time or Break Down and We’re Done

Let’s look at what’s going on in the markets… 10-year Treasury bonds have seen the clearest trend of all the market, as we have been forecasting. They’ve gone right to...
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