Capitalizing on the Predictive Power of Demographics

Using demographic trends, you can accurately predict the direction of the markets and the economy, months and decades in advance. Harry S. Dent Jr. knows this because he has been doing just that since 1989. And he is now a master of what is being called “the new science of finance.” Back in 1989, he warned of Japan’s inevitable collapse. A decade later he warned of the boom and the bust that followed.Read More

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Gold’s Big Bottom

I’m finally caught up on sleep after Australia, but I’m still thinking about all the good times from that trip. You get to meet so many smart, innovative people when you go out on these speaking tours, and I always love Australia because that country never fails to bring out these great types of crowds....

Avoid the Boring Hack

Years ago, Samsung came out with a voice-controlled television. My wife was appalled. Who in the right mind would want a device that sits in the house and listens to everything that goes on?! As it turns out, lots of people do. Her issue was that someone, somewhere, could listen in, and probably already was....

The Great Boomer Migration

Years ago, I had to adjust my real estate model for di-ers, as homes last near forever and di-ers are forced sellers that can overwhelm and offset the younger peak buyers into age 42-43 in recent years. That’s why Japan’s real estate bust never boomed again and is still scraping the bottom 28 years after...

Tariffs, Schmariffs

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Using his industry-beating algorithm, Adam O'Dell tracks the movements of nine key economic sectors as they rotate in and out of favor. He then leverages that information to predict short-term stock movements with a startling degree of accuracy.

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