Capitalizing on the Predictive Power of Demographics

Using demographic trends, you can accurately predict the direction of the markets and the economy, months and decades in advance. Harry S. Dent Jr. knows this because he has been doing just that since 1989. And he is now a master of what is being called “the new science of finance.” Back in 1989, he warned of Japan’s inevitable collapse. A decade later he warned of the boom and the bust that followed.Read More

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The Virus, the Bernie Factor, and the Europeans

It’s been a crazy week. The major U.S. equity indices puked their guts up, mostly over the spread of the coronavirus, COVID-19. With the Chinese economy stuck in a very low gear and new outbreaks happening in South Korea, Italy, and Iran, it looked like it was just a matter of time before the nasty...

Just a Corona Correction?

The markets on crack have largely ignored the coronavirus, which obviously could be a potential game changer. And now they react, down 2,600 points on the Dow, as soon as it hits a “white toast” country like Italy. Yes, the markets are quite bigoted! The markets have been on a tear ever since the Fed...

All Hail the Mighty Dollar… Or Not

There’s always some old relative who, when you ask how he is, says, “I woke up on the right side of the grass, so I must be alright!” Kind of funny . . . the first time. Then it’s just another non-reply that doesn’t answer the question. If the only choice was being dead or...

Trade Alert: Four Moves to Make

Sell Tapestry (NYSE: TPR) at the market Sell Broadcom (Nasdaq: AVGO) at the market Sell HALF of your Nvidia (Nasdaq: NVDA) at the market Sell HALF of your Shopify...
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Cycle 9 Alert

Using his industry-beating algorithm, Adam O'Dell tracks the movements of nine key economic sectors as they rotate in and out of favor. He then leverages that information to predict short-term stock movements with a startling degree of accuracy.

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