When it comes to investing, emotions frequently cause people to over- or under-react to certain situations. Adam O’Dell, creator and editor of the highly successful and profitable Cycle 9 Alert investment research advisory, has found a way to help investors make money from these reactions. Using a sophisticated, mathematical system that he created, Adam helps Max Profit Alert subscribers make quick fire gains. With approximately 15 to 20 trades per year, a typical trade lasts between five and 15 trading days, making this a fast-paced strategy. Gains subscribers have had the chance to make include 157.58% in just 19 trading days, 154.79% in 10 trading days and 151.06% in 15 trading days (listing but three of dozens).

Max Profit Alert is where you’ll trade like a professional trader, regardless of your level of investing experience. Using the three key strategies they employ to reap solid profits where retail investors find nothing but losses, Adam will help you capitalize on the market’s frequent overreactions.

Here’s what you’ll get as a Max Profit Alert subscriber…

  • Buy alerts — When Adam’s system alerts him to a new trade, he rushes you an email with the details of what the setup is, why it is potentially so profitable, and exactly what to do and when, including the specific ideal entry points and the simple steps to execute each play. Because of the fast-paced nature of this service, there are no regularly scheduled, weekly updates.
  • Sell alerts — When Adam’s system the signal to exit the play, he will rush you another email alert with instructions on how and when to exit the trade.
  • Secrets to Trading Like a Professional — A special report that details exactly how Adam’s successful strategy works and why his style of trading performs so well in volatile markets.
  • Webinar: Trade with the Trend — A one-on-one session with Adam O’Dell where he teaches you the tricks of the trade, not only so that you can feel more confident as an investor but so that you can better understand how the profits are made with Max Profit Alert.
  • Tutorial: Options Trading — Adam pulls back the curtains on options trading to reveal that it’s not as risky or as difficult as far too many investors believe.
  • Max Profit Alert concierge service — Membership includes unlimited use of a special concierge service that allows you to call or email the Max Profit Alert member support team directly.