Press Release: Harry Dent and the Dent Research Team to Headline the 3rd Annual Irrational Economic Summit

    The Fairmont Hotel will be opening its doors for the upcoming Irrational Economic Summit this September 10th-12th, with Harry Dent and his team of industry experts set to take center stage for the third year running.

    Harry Dent, Rodney Johnson, Adam O’Dell, Ben Benoy, Dr. Lacy Hunt, David Stockman and John Del Vecchio are just a few of the market experts gathering to give their take on our current economic climate, as well as offer actionable investment strategies to those in attendance.

    Since the inaugural conference in San Diego, California in 2013, the Irrational Economic Summit is quickly gathering momentum throughout finance and investment circles nationwide.

    This is in large part due to the wealth of knowledge shared by the most renowned experts in the world (this year’s keynote speaker is no other than P.J. O’Rourke), designed to help the audience protect their asset portfolios and grow their own wealth – even during times of economic turbulence.

    And it isn’t just members of the audience who enjoy coming face-to-face with like-minded individuals for the most exclusive investor conference of the year.

    “This is our opportunity to interact directly with people and let them know the moves they need to make, assets they need to sell, and the plans they need to fortify to profit,” says Harry Dent, founder of Dent Research. “We let them know what sectors of the market will rise and fall in the next year… next five years… ten years… even beyond that.”

    Takeaways like these are what makes this conference stand out from the rest. It allows people to prepare for any upcoming market crashes, and arms them with the profitable, wealth-building investment strategies they need to ensure financial security for their families.

    The third annual Irrational Economic Summit will take place on September 10-12 2015, at the Fairmont Hotel in Vancouver. For this week only, tickets are available at a discounted price. Seating at the conference is limited, so be sure to reserve your place now.