Your best chance to survive the QE-inflated market insanity that is now the new normal is to have up-to-the-minute, unlimited access to Harry Dent’s research and analysis. To survive and prosper in the years ahead — as the Dow drops to 6,000 and then stays low for several years — you need to know where the potholes are before they trap you and where the booms will be before they pass you by. As a lifetime member of his elite circle, Harry will help you do just that. You only pay a one-time initiation fee, then a $19 maintenance fee every year after to help cover our printing costs.

Here’s what you’ll get as a Boom & Bust Elite lifetime member…

  • Monthly Boom & Bust newsletters, subscription-free for life. Harry and his team bring you their monthly research and analysis of demographic trends, economic cycles, predictable consumer spending patterns, technological innovation and acceptance rates, technical indicators, S-Curves and any other tools they develop to uncover the most profitable investment opportunities. Plus, 5 Day Forecast will hit your inbox every Monday. You’ll hear from Chief Investment Analyst, Adam O’Dell, and Boom & Bust Portfolio Manager, Charles Sizemore, on what’s happening in the market, what it means for the coming week, and what impact we expect it will all have on the model portfolio. And you’ll hear from Rodney Johnson every Friday in the Dent Digest, which details the important economic numbers to pay attention to and why you should care.
  • Dent 401K Advisor (quarterly), subscription-free for life.</ Harry Dent’s personal “retirement guru,” Charles Sizemore, will help you grow and protect your 401(k), even during the historic collapse Harry forecasts. It is critical for you to ensure that your hard-earned retirement dollars are going to the right type of funds, with the right manager, in the right asset allocation. Charles will immediately help you to avoid making critical mistakes in your investment portfolio.
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  • Quarterly Economic Outlook reports, subscription-free for life. Harry and his team unravel government lies and media propaganda to bring you the truth about events that could greatly alter your lifestyle if you sit idly by. They unpack the latest trends to show you the dangers and opportunities. In short, they arm you with unbiased information you can actually use!
  • Monthly Insight videos, free for life. In these videos, Rodney Johnson explains economic events and how they can affect you and your wealth. They break the situation or concept down into understandable, digestible pieces.
  • A platform where you can share your thoughts, questions and experiences with Harry and his team, subscription-free for life.