Each month Harry Dent and Rodney Johnson uncover the next profitable investment based on demographic and cyclical trends or on a boom or a bust. Investing is no longer a set-it-and-forget-it affair. In fact, if you’re still using that outdated approach in today’s irrational world, you’re setting yourself up for massive losses and a difficult retirement. There’s a much better way. One that doesn’t tell you to stuff your portfolio with things like Chinese oil… Russian gas… Brazilian copper… wheat, corn, sugar, silver… foreign currencies. One that uses predictable cycles to keep you out of the danger zones and in the profitable ones!

When you sign up for Boom & Bust, you’ll learn why you should not be listening to the talking heads and Wall Street pundits… and what investment strategies you should put in place instead (investments designed to capitalize on the predictive power of demographics and cycles). Every month, you’ll get an in-depth look at the unique economic indicators, global demographic trends, spending wave indicators, and other relevant cycles (like the 30-Year Commodities Cycle, the 45Year Innovation Cycle, the 13-Year Boom/Bust Cycle, and the 36-Year Geopolitical Cycle) for your next profitable investment opportunity.

Here’s what you’ll get with Boom & Bust

  • Boom & Bust Model Portfolio: Each issue of Boom & Bust contains a Boom and a Bust Portfolio, packed with easy-to-buy investments. The Boom portfolio contains long plays that we expect to hold for a minimum of six months. The Bust portfolio contains inverse ETFs or outright sell-short plays.
  • 5 Day Forecast: Every Monday our team gives you his take on what the markets are doing and how you can stay ahead of the curve, includinge updates you on movement in the portfolio and what action to take.
  • Monthly Videos: Each month, Harry Dent talks to you about an important financial event and explains in plain English what it means to you and your money.
  • Dent Digest: Every Friday, Rodney and Dave Okenquist, our Senior Research Analyst, will update you on economic numbers, any changes in trends, the news that affects you… and what you should do about it all.
  • Special Flash Alerts: All our plays in Boom & Bust are “buy-and-hold,” (but NOT set-it-and-forget-it!) unless otherwise stated. We recommend them with the intention of holding on to them for at least three months. However, should the markets change on us, or should red-hot opportunities arise between our monthly issues, we’ll send you a special flash alert via email so you don’t miss a single opportunity. We also let you know when a stop-loss has been hit and it’s time to move on. These are a vital component of a profitable portfolio!