• Why do you recommend EverBank products?

    We have been working closely with EverBank for some time now and have the utmost respect for their business practices. We have provided information about their various products to our readers specifically because they are one of the few U.S. banks that offer FDIC-insured deposits at reasonable prices for individual investors. Also, it’s worth noting that EverBank received four stars from Bankrate.com in 2010. And Bankrate.com rated EverBank as a “top-tier” bank 10 years in a row (2000 – 2010). Also, in the past, EverBank has received awards from IDC Financial Publishing, Money Magazine, and Kiplings – to name a few.

Harry and Rodney’s Overall View of the Markets Ahead

  • What is the difference between Boom & Bust and the HS Dent Forecast or Network?

    The HS Dent Forecast and Network are the forums through which Harry and Rodney present their research and analysis to institutional and professional investors, who then use that information to assist their own clients. Recently, with the intention of making their demographic and consumer-based approach more accessible to retail investors like yourself, we created Boom & Bust. This allows every-day investors to benefit from the same insights Harry and Rodney share with professional investors, without all the financial jargon. Boom & Bust subscribers get actionable investment recommendations monthly, and Harry and Rodney track the performance of these in our Core Portfolio. When the time comes to take profit off the table, Harry and Rodney let subscribers now immediately. The same goes when we need to avoid a loss.

  • Are we in an inflationary or deflationary environment? It looks like inflation when I visit the store or put gas in my car. But you’re claiming deflation. What gives?

    It can be pretty confusing, maybe even unbelievable when you “see” inflation around you while we warn of deflation. Harry and Rodney explain in detail in your special free reports why it is deflation and not inflation that you should be paying attention to if you want to choose successful investment strategies in the years ahead. Be sure to read those reports if you haven’t already done so.

    For now, here’s the short answer: Of course there’s inflation, but it is commodity inflation. Everywhere else, there is deflation. For example, property prices have lost 30% of their value since 2006. They’ll continue to lose another 30% more. Wages are another example. They are also retracting. Many businesses hiring people today are paying them 25% less than they would have four years ago. Debt is also contracting as people pay down their debts.

    The problem with that is we’re often blind to the effects of unseen events. It’s like cancer. If you’re lucky, you might see some early warning signs… but mostly you don’t even know it’s there until the damage to your body has already begun. Just because we’re not always aware the cancer is there, doesn’t mean it can’t kill us.

    Deflation is like a cancer to our economy. It eats away at the system’s vital organs. The more it eats, the faster it grows. Until suddenly, it’s sick or dying. For the last four years, deflation has gone mostly unnoticed. But it is gathering momentum… sucking the life out of the economy. And now it’s on the verge of breaking through into our consciousness.

How to Apply Recommendations

Members Only Benefits

  • What do you consider “personalized investment advice”?

    Harry and Rodney do not have the necessary SEC qualifications that allow them to offer individuals personalized investment advice. This means they are not legally allowed to respond directly to any questions you have about your personal situation. Personalized investment advice includes anything from: “Should I buy xyz share as well as those you recommend in the portfolio?” to: “My IRA account has $x… how do I protect that?” The general guideline to apply is this: if you’re asking for details from Harry and Rodney that apply directly to your personal situation… then you’re seeking personalized investment advice and they, unfortunately, cannot help you.

  • What is the average holding period of the recommendations in Boom & Bust?

    This is a complicated question to answer because it presupposes an ability to read crystal balls. This is not something Harry and Rodney do. Generally, their recommendations will have a medium term hold period – between six and 12 months. Sometimes the holding time will be longer. Other times it will be shorter. Regardless, they will tell you precisely how long they intend for you to hold the selection. They will also give you exact stop-loss limits. And when anything changes for the better or worse, they will send you new instructions in a flash alert.

  • Harry S. Dent has written many books.

    To buy any of Harry’s books, simply go to any popular book re-sellers or go straight to http://www.harrydent.com/bookstore/.

  • I have a question for Harry and Rodney… Where can I contact them?
  • How often will I receive communications from my Boom & Bust subscription?

    At the minimum, you will hear from Harry and Rodney every month in your Boom & Bust issue. You will get weekly updates from them via email.

  • Where can I download my free online reports?
  • What does Boom & Bust membership include?

    Here’s what you can expect to receive as an exclusive member:

    • Boom & Bust… each month you’ll get a copy of the latest issue via email and regular mail. In it, you’ll discover timely market analysis based on our unique economic indicators, including our global Demographic and Spending Wave Indicators. With that as a backdrop, Harry and Rodney will present a recommendation that will help you profit from the boom or bust they see ahead. If you miss any issues, you can access them on our password-protected website. You can find your username and password at the bottom of any email notifications we have sent you.
    • Weekly email updates… every Monday, Harry and Rodney will update you on any changes to the Boom & Bust portfolio. They will explain how the latest events in the news have or will affect the Boom & Bust holdings… and what you must do about it (if anything).
    • Flash Alerts… if a black-swan event happens, or if any of the holdings in the Boom & Bust portfolio makes a sudden move, either up or down, we will send you a flash alert to tell you what to do.

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