Charles Lewis Sizemore

It’s critical to ensure that your hard-earned retirement dollars are going to the right type of fund, with the right fund manager, in the right asset allocation. That’s where Charles Sizemore comes in…

He will give you a 401(k) blueprint that’s easy to follow and only takes a few minutes to implement. It will stay updated each quarter. And it will deliver you the maximum level of protection and the highest returns possible… even during tough times.

Just as Harry’s passions lie with demographics, cycles, history and researching… Charles’ lie in the exciting – but almost always neglected and underappreciated – world of asset allocation. With a Masters’ Degree in Accounting and Finance from the London School of Economics, he formerly managed millions in 401(k) assets.

In short, with Dent 401(k) Advisor you’ll immediately begin avoiding the critical mistakes most people are making with their investment portfolios.

Here’s what you’ll get with Dent 401K Advisor

  • Quarterly — At the start of each quarter, you’ll receive a digital newsletter detailing how to reallocate your 401(k) investments so that they are best positioned for what the Dent Research team expects the markets and economy will throw at you over the next three months.
  • Dent 401K Advisor concierge service — Membership includes unlimited use of a special concierge service that allows you to call or email the Dent 401K Advisor member support team directly.