The Truth about Immigration

On the campaign trail, Trump made countless promises (as do all politicians). Eight of those that relate to immigration are a hotbed of controversy right now. The trouble is, the immigration picture is NOT what Trump or Clinton or any government research agency, for that matter, has painted.

That’s why Harry tackles this thorny issue in the March edition of Boom & Bust. He sets aside all the emotions about this topic and just looks at the numbers. The story they tell is sobering. And one you need to read.

He covers…

  • The advantages and disadvantages of immigration.
  • How legal immigrants contribute more than the average person and how illegals could contribute more if we found a way to make them legal, with appropriate consequences.
  • Why immigration is a key determining factor in an economy’s growth.
  • What has brought us to this point, where the nation is divided on the topic of who has the right to live and work in the U.S.
  • And a detailed breakdown of the immigrant picture, including size, education levels, age and gender weighting.

Then Charles takes that information and puts it to use in identifying the latest recommendation to enter the Boom & Bust model portfolio. This month, we’re investing in a Mexican coke dealer.

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