Shorting Gold (The Old Fashioned Way)

On Monday, April 17, we recommended you short gold using the double-short ETN DZZ.

That turned into a bit of a fiasco.

The trouble wasn’t our premise on gold’s fate. Rather it was that DZZ was not as liquid as we needed it to be. We learned a great deal from this lesson.

Thankfully, you should have been able to get out of this trade at break even.

If you were lucky, you made some money.

If you were unlucky, you were unable to get out. That’s OK. In your May issue of Boom & Bust, now available, Charles gives you instructions on what to do if you still have a position in DZZ.

He then explains how we’re still going to short gold, but we’re going to do it the old fashioned way. You’ll find all the details, including why this is such a good play right now, when you download your latest issue.

Harry also provides compelling evidence that all those “experts” telling you that we aren’t in a bubble and that stocks are NOT overvalued are out of touch with reality.

By any sound, rational metric, stocks are more overvalued now than at any other time in history, including at the top of the tech bubble in March 2000.

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