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Lee Lowell’s Instant Income Alert can give you and your family a life-changing income stream…

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  1. Just enter the code you’ll receive by email
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Here’s what some of our subscribers have to say:

“I collected just under $10,000 today. Lee, you are a miracle worker. Hooked up with you in September and I am about $60,000 richer as a result.” – Steven L.

“The results have been superb! I called my broker today and found that over $6,000 has been deposited into my account in less than a month. It brought me so much joy it made me speechless. This strategy is so powerful; I would recommend it to anyone.” – Rosanne W.

“So far, I have collected $734.48, $3,269.41, $1,084.47 – for a total of $5,088.36.” – Susan J.

Your membership in Instant Income Alert includes:

The Instant Income Blueprint – Lee Lowell’s in-depth report gives you everything you need to know on why selling put options for income is such a lucrative strategy (one that’s made Warren Buffett nearly $5 billion!). Inside he’ll teach you the basics of put-option selling and how you can use it to generate continuous streams of upfront cash payments and the potential to buy high-quality stocks at ridiculously low prices.

He’ll also show you the mechanics of put-selling and what to expect when you make the trade. And he’ll discuss the reasons why it has such high probabilities of profit and why many people still don’t know it exists (which is MUCH better for everyone!).

Lee’s “Instant Income Quick Start Guide” – a comprehensive, yet easy-to-read guide which explains to you in layman’s terms how this simple (yet highly profitable) strategy works – and how you can use it to generate a lifetime of income for anything you want: day-to-day spending, a lifetime of travel, your child’s education, your own retirement… anything you want really!

Inside the “Quick Start Guide”, he’ll give you the step-by-step rundown of how put options work… exactly how you sell one and receive your upfront cash premium…  how to read and act on his Instant Income Alert recommendations when he sends them… and much more.

Instant Income Account Primer – a detailed run through of exactly what you’ll need in terms of a brokerage account to perform these put selling trades… and how the “handshake deal” with the traders you can make them with will work.

This’ll include helping you understand how that 20% “security deposit” Lee told you about works and how much you’d need to make it, in order to collect your upfront Instant Income payout.

Remember, when the trade ends and if/when the option expires worthless, you get your 20% back AND keep the Instant Income you received on top of it! And the “Instant Income Account Primer” will guide you through getting everything set up so that you can do it quickly and easily every time.

Instant Income Alert Special Updates – You’ll receive an email whenever Lee uncovers a new opportunity you can collect on. He’ll tell you everything you need to know to get cash in your account in two minutes or less.

And so you don’t have to be constantly checking your e-mail all the time, he’ll also send you a text message to let you know I’ve just issued a new alert. That way you never risk missing out on a new opportunity to collect Instant Income.

Instant Income Alert Weekly Updates – You’ll get Lee’s latest research and what you can expect in the days ahead as new opportunities arise. You’ll get updates on current open trades, letting you know where all put options stand and how soon you’ll be able to close out the trade and walk away with your cash!

Access to the Instant Income Alert Members-Only Website –Here’s where you’ll find the full Instant Income Alert track record containing all open and closed trades… It’s a complete archive so that you can go back in and check anything you may have missed.

You’ll gain fast, easy access to ALL of this… plus Lee’s latest Instant Income Alert cash payout opportunities, the moment you join.