You don’t need me to tell you that the road to successful investing is littered with potholes.

A stock you invest in promises a smooth ride, paying high dividends along the way… Then out of the blue, the company hits a pothole — a slack period… negative news… or a drop in earnings. And now it becomes clear that the cash they paid dividends and bought back stock with could have been better used to pay down debt and save on interest payments.

So the stock price craters and dividend payments get put on hold, leaving you, the investor, out in the cold with a capital loss and no hope of recouping your investment any time soon. All of a sudden that bargain stock you bought doesn’t seem like much of a bargain.

Welcome to the world of “surface thinking” when it comes to investing. It’s not your fault — it’s happened to me, and to thousands of other investors.

Fortunately, there’s a better way to invest.

As a member of Hidden Fortunes, you’ll uncover investing gems that most of the market has overlooked. With my decades of experience as a “forensic stock analyst”, I do all the hard work of digging, weeding out and analyzing the few rare picks that avoid all the potholes — and pay you handsomely along the way.

You get recommendations on my favorite type of company — the kind that rewards you for owning them in three different ways. These are companies that…

  • Pay sustainable dividends that can grow over time
  • Engage in strategic stock buybacks — but ONLY at a bargain price
  • And reduce higher interest debt, increasing their ability to pay dividends and grow

You’ll be privy to companies the crowd doesn’t know about… or is even scared of. And they won’t be sexy sports car stocks that can easily get totaled.

They are more likely to be hidden in the corners of the market where most people don’t look. When other investors see them, they think: “Oh, that’s a dying business.” Or, “if it were so good, why don’t others know about it?”

In a world of surface thinking, Hidden Fortunes is the deep blue sea. As your guide to more profitable investing, I like to read the fine print. In fact, if I don’t, it feels like I skipped breakfast! That’s how hungry I am to find all the hidden ways to make profits for our readers. And I don’t like to stay hungry long.

I look forward to welcoming you to a whole new world of Hidden Fortunes.

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