Peak Income has been specifically designed for those seeking steady, reliable income to boost your retirement savings.

Charles Sizemore, Boom & Bust Portfolio Manager, Economy & Markets Editor, and Dent 401K Advisor Editor, has spent months exploring a hidden corner of the market that not only yields reliable monthly payments, but is practically untouched by other investors.

He’ll show you how to increase your monthly income with consistent discounted returns that could fast-track your retirement dreams years ahead of time!

Here’s what you’ll get with Peak Income

  • Weekly updates — Every Thursday, Rodney or Charles explain market events and how they impact the hunt for income.
  • Monthly Newsletter — Once a month, Rodney or Charles present you with details of the latest income-producing opportunity they have found.
  • Earn 30% Higher Income with Discounted Investments — A special briefing that details exactly where Rodney and Charles fish for their income plays and what criteria must be met before an investment makes it into the model income portfolio.
  • Peak Income concierge service — Membership includes unlimited use of a special concierge service that allows you to call or email the Cycle 9 Alert member support team directly.