Blending Value and Momentum for Above Average Gains

Historically, value investing has delivered some of the most consistent gains over time. But not everyone can be as patient as Warren Buffet. Taking momentum into account can speed up your gains. Charles Sizemore’s Peak Profits model does both — all while reducing risk.

Every recommendation Charles makes must pass his proprietary 27-part checklist. Even then, if it doesn’t pass his own personal “gut-check” — based on his London School of Economics training and decades of experience — he simply won’t recommend it.

If you want fundamentally strong investments heading in the right direction, Peak Profits is for you. As a member, you’ll discover little-known pockets of profitability, often before they’re discovered by the majority of other investors.

It’s a strategy beta testers are already getting behind.

“I like the program and see lots of positives coming in. Of course, I like all the positive returns.” – Harold N.

“I like the service so far and am making money with it… I want to also say that I like your approach here and in investment overall. I want to follow the advice of someone who is looking out for the investor’s interest first, and you seem to take that approach. Thanks for the good work that you do for me and others.” – John R.

Here’s everything you’ll receive as a VIP member of Peak Profits:

    • The Peak Profits Strategy Guide, which reveals the analysis and research behind market-beating trades.
    • Peak Profits Alerts – Up-to-the-minute notifications by email of significant market events related to your portfolio.
    • Buy and Sell Recommendations — You’ll get up to ten of Charles’ thoroughly vetted value and momentum trade recommendations in each of the next 12 months.
    • Weekly Updates on upcoming market announcements and current holdings, as well as what goes into being a great value and momentum investor
    • Videos from Charles, including a Q&A, How to Hedge in This Market and How to Rebalance Your Portfolio
    • Your Own Private Encrypted Portal to the Peak Profits e-Portfolio for your review 24/7
    • Full Access to our Concierge Member Services Team to answer any questions you may have about your membership.