Enjoy Worry-Free Wealth With “Green Zone” Investing

Sure, we ALL want to be rich…

But if you’re following Wall Street’s advice to “buy, hold and HOPE”… well, you may have a long wait ahead.

And your retirement plans could be heading for a rough ride in the meantime.

Even if you’re lucky enough to find a few really good stocks, when the market as a whole is overbought, you could find your nest egg caught in a devastating downdraft.

Chief Investment Strategist, Adam O’Dell has watched this happen all too often when during his time as a professional trader.

Individual investors saw their portfolios crushed in markets like we had in 2008…

Meanwhile, partners in the big financial firms laughed all the way to the bank.

That’s why he got out.

He’d much rather provide honest, unbiased recommendations and real, bankable returns for ordinary folks like you.

In fact, Adam O’Dell has made it his mission to help you have what you need to become a “7-Figure Trader.”

Instead of “buy, hold and hope”, he’ll show you how to take charge of your wealth… how to have the best chance at getting in and out of trades at exactly the right time… and close “in the green”, no matter which direction markets are headed.

Now, of course, not all trades will be winners and there are no guarantees when it comes to investing. But consider this: Last year alone, Adam recommended to close 18 out of 21 trades for a profit…. with seven of these trades capturing gains of more than 100%…and two of them snagging profits over 200%!

His proprietary “Green Zone” algorithm takes the emotional roller coaster out of investing. It shows you the best times to buy into — and get out of — a stock or ETF for outsized returns. Here are just a few examples:

  • Stocks trading in his “Green Zone” have averaged 70% gains per year compared to just 11% per year when outside the “Green Zone.”
  • Diversified Stock ETFs generated annualized returns of 15.5% in his “Green Zone” vs. only 3.2% outside of it.
  • Non-stock ETFs, holding bonds, commodities and currencies, returned annualized gains of 18% inside the “Green Zone” vs. a measly 0.7% per year when NOT in the “Green Zone.”

With Green Zone Stocks, Adam will show you how to have the best chance at getting market-beating returns — AND sleep well at night.

You’ll have a built-in “safety switch”, keeping your money out of harm’s way, as you grow your wealth in both bull and bear markets.

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