The Dent Forecast

This monthly newsletter provides entrepreneurs and small businesses in-depth analysis of the economy, the markets, and any events of particular significance. Each month, acclaimed economists Harry Dent and Rodney Johnson use their proprietary research that’s based first on demographics, second on recurring cycles, and third on technical indicators… to provide you with financial and economic guidance and direction so you can confidently make smart decisions with your money, investments, and business. On the 15th of each month, you’ll get Harry and Rodney’s insights on long-term trends affecting the economy… what the unemployment numbers really mean… how China will impact the U.S. economy… what’s next for real estate… how short-term trends in the financial markets will affect your wealth… and so much more. Their research will help you:

• Make smarter financial decisions regarding your investments, your small business, real estate, college planning and career opportunities…

• Separate the economic decisions you can control from the economic decisions you cannot control…

• Understand what’s happening next in the equity markets so you can plan your investments accordingly.

This information gives you the power to make thoughtful, practical decisions today to help ensure your prosperity in the coming decades. Bottom line… If you are confused or concerned about the radical changes sweeping through the financial system, and want to know the right decisions to make with your wealth so you can thrive through the challenging months ahead… As a subscriber to the H.S. Dent Economic Forecast here’s what you’ll get:

  • 12 months of the H.S. Dent Forecast newsletter (that’s 12 issues)
  •  Harry’s economic outlook, preparing you for the months ahead.
  •  Harry’s feature article where he breaks down a particular demographic trend and shows what effect it will have on the future of your investments, small business and personal finance goals.
  •  Rodney’s Irrational Economics column, in which he’ll unravel the intricacies of a world turned upside down…and the pathways you must now navigate to enjoy prosperity, despite the events unfolding around you.
  •  Input from high-level contributors, case studies and so much more.
  •  Monthly Perspective Video Series reviewing a specific current economic area
  •  Quarterly Perspective Webinars – your chance to have your questions answered by Harry and Rodney in person.
  •  Urgent Email Updates
  •  24/7 Access to the Archives – every issue published since January 2000