There is an exclusive group of investors, businessmen and financial professionals who have limitless access to the Dent Research team, products and services. With this they get the edge they need to stay well ahead of the crowds, to prepare for what’s ahead before most people are even aware of it, and to position their business and investments so that they’re protected from the storms while grabbing the profits raining down around them. In short, Network membership is like having Harry Dent’s private number on speed dial.

Here’s a breakdown of everything Network members get…

  • Economy & Markets: Daily commentary from Harry, Rodney Johnson (Editor of Boom & Bust and Triple Play Strategy and Co-Editor of Peak Income), Charles Sizemore (Boom & Bust portfolio manager, Editor of Dent 401K Advisor and Co-Editor of Peak Income), Adam O’Dell (Dent’s Chief Investment Strategist and Editor of Cycle 9 Alert and Max Profit Alert), Lance Gaitan (Editor of Treasury Profit Accelerator), John Del Vecchio (Editor of Forensic Investor) or Ben Benoy (Editor of BioTech Intel Trader) five days a week. These emails are tailored to give you the information necessary to survive and prosper through booms and busts (and all the volatility in between). You’ll hear about what’s coming next, where investment or business opportunities lie, what financial strategies to consider implementing and when, what to do to avoid any painful consequences from recent events, what impact those events could have on your finances, and how you can position yourself to benefit from the predictive power of demographics.
  • 5 Day Forecast: A Monday morning look at what happened in the stock markets and various sectors the previous week, and what that likely means for the markets for this week. Adam O’Dell, Chief Investment Strategist, considers the sector movements and gives you an overview of the trends. Charles Sizemore, Boom & Bust Portfolio Manager, then discusses how holdings in the portfolio are performing and what you need to do to either grab more gains or protect your investments.
  • Dent Digest: A Friday look at important trends, news and numbers and what they mean for you. From manufacturing numbers to jobless claims, oil inventories to retail sales, Rodney Johnson breaks it down for you to reveal the real meaning behind the numbers and how it impacts your finances, investments and businesses.
  • Dent 401K Advisor: Harry Dent’s personal “retirement guru,” Charles Sizemore, will help you grow and protect your 401(k), even during the historic collapse about to occur. It is critical for you to ensure that your hard earned retirement dollar is going to the right type of fund, with the right manager, in the right asset allocation. Charles will immediately help you to avoid making critical mistakes in your investment portfolio.
  • The Leading Edge: Harry Dent Unfiltered: Every second month, Harry will send you his latest in-depth analysis of the economy, the markets and any events of particular significance. Whether you’re a business owner, an individual investor or an ordinary person looking to get “in the know,” you’ll get detailed technical analysis, research and independent interpretation of all the elements at play. After reading each issue, you’ll walk away with the tools you need to make better financial, investment and business decisions.
  • Ahead of the Curve webinars: Every month you’ll get a webinar recorded by one of the Dent Research analysts, shedding light on market movement or the latest central bank move or any other event in the financial sector that may affect your investments and/or business. From time to time, you will also hear from a guest speaker. These webinars aim to keep you ahead of the curve.
  • Economic Outlook Reports: Once a quarter, you will receive a special report that offer more insight into market or economic events. These look at trends in any given sector and then provide guidance on what you must do to prepare. Previous reports have included outlooks on real estate, Japan and China.
  • Cycle 9 Alert: Created by Adam O’Dell, he uses his algorithmic analysis of sectors, markets and specific equities to help identify which of the nine sectors are trending into favor and out of favor. He then finds investment opportunities best positioned to take advantage of these trends. Once he identifies the next big play, he issues a buy alert with precise instructions on how to implement each trading opportunity. When it’s time to get out of the play and bank the profits, Adam sends a sell alert with clear instructions. Typically, plays are held for about three months. Besides the alerts, Adam also sends a weekly update every Tuesday, explaining what is happening across sectors, where the next opportunity lies, and how current holdings are performing.
  • Forensic Investor: In-house forensic accountant and author of the Stock Trader’s Almanac #1 rated book of 2013, What’s Behind the Numbers?, John DelVecchio, is the Horatio Cane (CSI) of the stock market. He scours financials and market activity to find the dead “bodies” hidden in plain sight, and then positions you to profit (or avoid ruin) as the truth becomes public. As a Network member, you get his research on which companies are manipulating their financial statements and how you can pounce on their stocks for profit. This will give you the chance to make gains before anyone else…
  • Max Profit Alert: As Dent Research’s Chief Investment Analyst, Adam not only developed the highly successful trading strategy for Cycle 9 Alert, he also created a strategy built on the one thing that can lift a stock higher and faster than anything else: news that hits the street. He built a proprietary algorithm to help identify these brief, but profitable “windows of opportunity” that open and close in the matter of weeks, or even days. This strategy, which involves holding an investment for no more than three weeks, will allow you to make money, no matter which way the market is moving.
  • Treasury Profits Accelerator: When it comes to making big gains, most everyday investors overlook the most critical data. But Lance Gaitan has created an easy way to change that. He will show you if the current trends in economic data like CPI, housing starts, and Fed meetings and decisions, to name but a few, are shaping up for a potentially profitable trade. It’s a simple yet powerful way to profit from relatively small interest rate movements. During two years of backtesting Lance’s system achieved a win-rate of 72%.
  • Triple Play Strategy: Capital preservation is Rodney Johnson’s first, last and middle name. But while most people think conservative investing means lowering your risk and settling for smaller gains, Rodney takes a different approach to playing it safe. His proprietary strategy applies demographics to investing. The algorithm tracks the spending habits of baby boomers based on what they want, what they do and what they need. This simple, but deceptively complex, strategy is designed to generate steady returns no matter what the market brings our way.

Once you become a Network Member, you’ll never again have to worry about if or when your subscription will expire. You’ll never again have to pony-up $500 to $1,250 per service… per year. And you’ll never have to signing up for any new books or services we write or create. As a Network Member, you automatically get them. So join now.