After nine long years of work and thousands of dollars spent on research and development, Rodney Johnson has developed possibly the best common sense way to profit in today’s economic and market environment, using demographics as the guide. By simply understanding the spending habits of our largest generation on record (the baby boomers) – what they want, what they do, and what they need – you could set yourself up for profit. The simple system Rodney developed for Triple Play Strategy offers you safety and a way to earn income in some of the most volatile markets ever. There are only ever three stocks in the model portfolio, which are adjusted at the beginning of each month. During times of high risk, this system has a built-in safety valve.

Here’s what you’ll get with Triple Play Strategy

  • Weekly updates — Every Tuesday, Rodney explains what’s going on in the markets, and more importantly, what this has done to the three holdings in the model portfolio.
  • Monthly update — On the first business day of each month, Rodney sends you an email with instructions on what changes to make to your Triple Play Strategy holdings.
  • Buy alerts — While this happens very rarely, should the situation warrant, Rodney will send you an alert to swap out a recommendation in the Triple Play Strategy portfolio, either replacing one company with another, or moving from cash to a stock.
  • Sell alerts — Equally rare, should things go pear-shaped in the market, Rodney will immediately alert you to sell all holdings and move to cash. Every trade alert, including the monthly update, contains specific and detailed instructions on what, how and when you need to take action.
  • Superior Returns Without Excess Risk — A special briefing that details exactly how Rodney’s powerful and profitable strategy works.
  • Triple Play Strategy concierge service — Membership includes unlimited use of a special concierge service that allows you to call or email the Triple Play Strategy member support team directly.